Friday, May 11, 2012

Pursuing Doctoral Degrees Singapore

The field of education is a long and wide one. Upon entering the first grade, students are already swamped with tasks that will sharpen skills and open doors to the many things one has to learn. Diligence is and should be developed at an early age such that one perseveres in the quest for learning. There are times when one’s educational path is dictated by others –such is the case of the intermediate, secondary and senior high school subjects that have to be fully grasped, learned and mastered by all. The bachelor’s degrees to be taken are based on one’s inclinations and dreams. Based on how one does well in his early education, the bachelor’s degree is basically the field one chooses as to what one wants to become and in what area does one want to spend his life in.

When one is geared to achieve all he wants to learn in his field of study, it becomes inevitable that one will be pursuing a doctorate PhD.  Doctoral degrees are there for the taking for one who is truly inclined to master the field one has chosen. While many are already satisfied with passing the bachelor’s degree, find a job, start a family and be buried in the day to day grind of home-work routine, there are still some who finds room to continue one’s education. Perhaps leisure time is spent in the quest for knowledge. Perhaps ambition does not stop at landing the ultimate dream job. Even married people with kids pursue doctorate PhDs and manage their time well in being able to accommodate the demands of all one has in his hands. A doctorate PhD may even propel one further in his career as managerial positions are offered to those who have undertaken further studies in the field. One classic example is working in the teaching field. Teachers who passed their bachelor’s degrees may teach in the primary and high school levels. However, only those with master’s degrees can become instructors for college. A person with a doctoral degree or even several doctoral degrees is best to handle instruction to those who aspire finishing a master’s degree. 

So that is how it goes. While it is always noble to pursue knowledge and achieving a doctoral degree is a reward in itself, the added reward lies in the possibility of being able to climb the career ladder all the more as the doctoral degrees propel persons to be on top of the field.

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